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Our goal is to promote international friendship by assisting Macedonian schools with donations, resources and networking opportunities

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Like elsewhere in the world, the Republic of North Macedonia struggled to provide a safe learning environment for its students as the global pandemic hit. It required schools to make considerable adjustments and changes during the year and probably the next.
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In June the first two American volunteers sponsored by the Macedonia Schools Project taught conversational English at Bratstvo-Edinstvo School in Ohrid.

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mission accomplished

We are happy to announce that the donation goal has been hit.

The following pictures are from the installed units:

GorgiSugarevAC Unit1GorgiSugarevAC unit2GorgiSugarevAC Unit3 


Please consider supporting our efforts.

3The elementary school “Gorgi Sugarev” is located in the central city area of Bitola, North Macedonia. The school has been operating since December 1973. It serves children with special needs and student from multi–ethnic backgrounds.

Bitola is known for its extreme hot summers and cold winters. Because of this wide range of temperature changes, the school is in need of 3 air-conditioning units. These units would serve three classrooms (located on the south side of the school, on the third floor under the school roof).
1Due to the location of the three classrooms teachers and students work under very uncomfortable conditions. The classrooms are extraordinary hot during the summer. During the winters, students and teachers are forced to wear heavy coats to keep warm.
Teachers, students and school staff would be very grateful for any donations to help improve the conditions of the three classrooms. For this purpose we will need about 70 000 denari approximately 1 400 US dollars.
We sincerely appreciate your contribution.


Please consider supporting our efforts.



The Macedonia Schools Project is a private, non-profit organization with the goal to promote international friendship by assisting Macedonian schools with donations, resources and networking opportunities.

Please consider supporting our efforts.


2018-08-29, 00:38
My son and I enjoyed teaching the students. They were engaged and a joy to teach. I would highly recommend it
Stevce Stafanoski
2017-09-21, 15:52
The presentations went very well! Students took their projects very seriously and gave excellent talks, beyond my expectations and beyond what a typic...
Ginia Goggio
2018-08-14, 17:18
My son Cole Goggio and I co-taught an English culture class based on the Simpsons. We were delighted with the students and their responsiveness I ...


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