On August 25, the Macedonia Schools Project Board met at Leon Speroff’s house in Portland Oregon to discuss how to make the program better.

The board approved two grants of $1,000 each to the Tito Schools in Struga and the Bratstvo-Edinstvo in Ohrid. The grants are for school supplies and equipment. MSP Board member, Margarita Ruinova Niceska will coordinate with Director Natasha Pintoska Bekaroska of the Tito School to decide how best to use the grant funds. MSP Board member, Emilija Paunkoska will coordinate with Director Cemal Mehmed of Bratstvo-Edinstvo School in Ohrid.

The board also discussed ways to send used lap-top computers to Macedonia. Leon Speroff and Lujdmil Jordanov donated two for Tito School In addition, the MSP appointed two new board members: Blazo Mitasev of Lake Oswego, Oregon and Ginia Goggio of Naperville, Illinois. Ginia has volunteered to help the MSP with fund raising.


The Macedonia Schools Project is a private, non-profit organization with the goal to promote international friendship by assisting Macedonian schools with donations, resources and networking opportunities.


2018-08-29, 00:38
My son and I enjoyed teaching the students. They were engaged and a joy to teach. I would highly recommend it
Stevce Stafanoski
2017-09-21, 15:52
The presentations went very well! Students took their projects very seriously and gave excellent talks, beyond my expectations and beyond what a typic...
Margarita Ruvinova Nicheska
2018-09-17, 21:37
This school year was very productive for Josip Broz Tito school in Struga and me as a coordinating teacher and Board member of MSP. My school got a do...


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