News update

MSP just shipped two boxes of educational supplies & books to schools in Vranista and Misleshevo.

Thanks to an anonymous donation, the Macedonia Schools Project is pleased to announce a grant award of $1,600 (US) to Bratstvo-Edinstvo School. This will cover stage 1 on the south side of the building: including the readjustment of the south side roof drain pipes, ground trenching and installation of moisture barriers. In addition, the MSP is preparing boxes of school supplies for several schools. Spring is just around the corner!

As 2016 ends Zivko Cingo School in Velgoshti sent these great photos showing how the classes are using the new smart board purchased with a small MSP grant. We were also able to send one more box of construction pieces to Kosel.

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Stevce Stafanoski
2017-09-21, 15:52
The presentations went very well! Students took their projects very seriously and gave excellent talks, beyond my expectations and beyond what a typic...


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